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DESIGN Image        Custom Home DESIGN!

It is often the DESIGN that started this journey - to build a new home that is custom to the desires, dreams, hopes and personalities of the Custom Homeowner. 
So, what do we mean by Design
At Sullivan Homes, Custom Home Design has multiple meanings and stages. It starts with a blank canvas and New Home Budget. You'll hear a lot about New Home Budget but it's a driving force in all aspects of Custom Home Building. Our first conversation regarding Custom Home Design will be the Budget and how is the construction financed? From Budget, we discuss the Custom Homes Design Amenities. We consider Amenities to be items such as bedroom counts and locations, number of bathrooms, is there a formal dining room or large, informal dining area. 2 car, 3 car or larger garages and so much more.
Once we understand the Custom Home Budget and Amenitieswe can start the design stage of the project. The goal is to design a floor plan that has the requested Amenities and culminates in a floor plan that is perfect for the Custom Homeowner while conserving Square Footage.
Conserving Square Footage is critical in the design stage as most cost are directly related to Square Footage. For instance, most of the trades will charge on Square Foot such as framing, roofing, siding, painting, etc. For example, if the cost per square foot to build a specific house is $162 per square foot (beautiful home!), and the final design without conserving Square Footage is 2,450 square feet, the cost for construction is $396,900.
Now, if we can apply SMART CUSTOM® Design and reduce the square footage by 210 square feet while keeping the Amenities and great design, we just saved $34,020! That's SMART CUSTOM® DESIGN.



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