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Now that we have the Design, Let's have some fun and start Selecting the products that not only create your custom home, but define what home really is. 

To start with, let's make certain everyone understands that NO BUILDER CAN PRICE A HOME WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT THE SELECTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS are.... And, if a builder tells you the price per square foot for a certain floor plan without stating exactly what it is based on, run. Let me repeat...RUN. 

Why? It's a simple - if the builder is not SPECIFIC in what the price is based on, such as the Selections and Specifications, then the builder is making it all up.... Yep. Made up.  Here's a good analogy; it's time to buy a new car. You head down to the dealership and pickout of new shiny sportscar from his catalog. You ask the price and the salesman states "$50,000".

Hmmm, I would be very suspect of that salesman. He never asked me "what size of motor, leather or vinyl interior, Bose stereo or standard stereo, etc." How can he quote a price for a new car without knowing what I want and pricing it accordingly? He made it up...

Pricing a home is identical, except there's hundreds of items that will change the price up or down. Some items will change the price dramatically.

Selections versus SpecificationsThese items are easly confused. The easy way to tell the difference is that you have a choice with a Selection (this faucet or that faucet?) while a Specification states how an item is to be built or how something works. There is no selection with a construction Specification. For instance, we specify that the way we frame our walls is by spacing the wall studs 16" apart, rather than 24" apart which is what many bulders will do. There's no option for spacing the wall studs 24" apart as we won't do it. That is a framing Specification versus selecting a different sink or faucet (Selections).



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