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It's interesting that the actual construction of the Custom Home is only 1/5 of our processes. However, the actual construction of a home is where the "rubber hits the road"! 

And, our construction processes are the best in the industry. "Built Best from the GROUND UP" is much more than a great statement, it's the ONLY WAY WE BUILD. I learned years ago that quality in construction pays off. Up front, quality of construction does cost a little more. However, the short and long term benefits of using the best material, processes and vendors/subcontractors pays giant dividends and actually cost less due to minimal call backs, lower insurance rates, better reputation and sales and so much more. Taking short cuts in life or business cost more....

What is Quality Construction? We identify Quality Construction in the following sections. 

MATERIAL QUALITY: items such as kiln dried wood, floor systems using TJI's (wooden I beams that do not warp, twist or squeek) instead of the cheaper 2x8 or 2x10 floor joist, LP SMART TRIM for siding and details, Moen and Kohler plumbing, GAFF 30 year plus roofing, 4x8 tongue and groove floor sheeting glued and screwed down and so much more.

CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: the process of how we build our homes is the best. Our homes are Built Best. We start with foundation walls that are always 8" thick versus 6" thick when code allows, wall framing with wall studs spaced 16" apart versus 24" apart (straighter and stronger walls), active radon systems with blower fans (no radon or damp smells in basements), PEX water pipes, enclosed soffits, 16" spaced TJI floor joist, engineered roof truss systems, and so much more.

All of our homes, production or custom homes, always are built Best from the Ground Up. There's no shortcuts in material or how we build homes. In our world, there's only the right way or the wrong way. And, we build it right.



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8907 E. Woodland Park Dr. Spokane, Washington

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